What's this ?!

Hey Guys, it's my first blog ever :) and I'm happy and eager for this.
I'm a guy who like traveling alot! and I wish to start traveling around the world soon ( as soon as I work and start making money :p ),

So I thought.... why don't I create a scrapbook, not for places I went to, but for the places I wanna go to ! places I dream to visit ! ....

So I wanna make that scrapbook not only with pix of places I wanna go, but with places you dream to visit too, and places you already visited :)

That scrapbook, will be shared with all of you! and may be even edited by you guys who wanna go and travel :)

I dunno if the idea is old, and actually I don't care! I'm making this for entertainment and as motivation for me and you :)

I think my first country to write about and collect pix of will be PALESTINE, my home country; where there are mannnnny historical, spiritual and beautiful places here i still didn't visit yet!

Each post about a country will have simple and cool information about the country's culture, places to go and local food ofcourse - yummy!- , and you are very welcome to make comments about the country, add places, tell a story happened with you there and have fun with me :)

Please, if you like the idea, if you have a comment, or if you know a good online scrapbook site, please leave me a comment :D
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